Unia activities

Unia, an important organisation in the world of labour


Crucial Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) contractual partners

Unia provides support for around 400 collective labour agreements that lay down the employment conditions of around one million people. With more than 10,000 union representatives, Unia is active in more than 100 sectors. The collective labour agreements ensure fair wage and working conditions for employees and demanding conditions for employers in the manufacturing sector.


Industrial and labour market policies

Unia is actively involved in promoting interests relating to the workplace and industrial world in Switzerland: in the 1990s, for example, the Unia association GBI was able, in alliance with other associations from the construction industry, to implement an Impulse Programme for the Construction Industry in work councils within the Swiss Federation, which helped retain thousands of jobs. In 2004, the Unia association SMUV helped develop a solution that saved 180 jobs at Sapal, a company in Lausanne.


Partners in the labour market

In addition to the Collective Labour Agreements (CLA), executive committees made up of equal representatives for employers and employees have been set up in most sectors. The task of these committees is to monitor the implementation of Collective Labour Agreements, reduce social hardships and promote professional and further training within the sector. These measures have contributed greatly to ensuring the implementation of Collective Labour Agreements and increasing qualification levels within the sector. They have made a major contribution to the competitiveness of Swiss industry.


Parity training institutions

The parity-financed further training funds have helped promote both professional training as well as further vocational training. For example, the education training fund of the trade union for the construction and civil engineering sector provided services totalling more than 21 million Swiss Francs in 2003.


Social services

Unia offers its members practical support and professional advice. Without this major contribution from Unia, it would have been necessary to expand the public counselling and support structures. Unia is the largest organisation for migrants in Switzerland and makes an important contribution to their integration. Unia has its own holiday establishments. As a member of the Association of Swiss Trade Unions, Unia supports the Movendo training institute and thereby promotes a broad spectrum of opportunities for further training.


Unemployment insurance fund

Unia manages the largest unemployment insurance fund in Switzerland. With a dedicated and competent service, the Unia unemployment insurance fund works hard to ensure that unemployed people are provided with proper support and receive their benefits on time. As a trade union unemployment insurance fund, Unia is also a member of various national committees and works hard to ensure social justice in the implementation and further development of the unemployment insurance law.