DPD driver

There is a problem at DPD: Drivers work too much and their overtime hours are not paid! This is against the law!

Many DPD workers have joined forces and created a national committee. With the union Unia, they have prepared a list of 13 demands, that they sent to the management of the company.

These are our 13 demands to DPD

  1. All working time must be recorded and paid. At the end of each month a written overtime sheet must be issued, which is checked and signed by the drivers.
  2. All unpaid overtime for the last ten years must be calculated and paid with a 50% premium. From now on, all the overtime will be paid according to the law with a 25% premium.
  3. All punitive deductions from wages for the past ten years must be refunded.
  4. For each tour a maximum number of parcels must be calculated, which can be delivered during the contractually agreed working hours. This number must usually not be exceeded, or the tours are adjusted accordingly.
  5. The "PREDICT" monitoring system must be suppressed. The system of fines must be abolished without being replaced.
  6. A minimum wage of CHF 4250 must be set; all employees and drivers must also receive a 13th month's salary. Full time working hours must be 42.5 per week.
  7. Due to the special demands placed on the workforce in the last few months and the sharp increase in DPD sales in 2020, a Covid bonus of half a month's salary must be paid to all employees.
  8. Legal health and safety measures must be strictly enforced. A working group DPD / workers’ representative, Unia must be set up. Employer must strictly comply with Article 25, OLT 3/ V3 ArG in particular. Sanitary facilities and health protection must be improved in many depots. A truck scale must be installed in all depots. Covid protection measures must be explained to employees and strictly implemented.
  9. DPD, like other delivery companies, must find a customer solution that does not require a signature at the door.
  10. A joint and several liability must be introduced, whereby DPD must be liable for the faults of subcontractors, especially in case of bankruptcy of the latter.
  11. A limit must be set on the number of workers employed by subcontractors and on temporary work. Temporary workers must be hired as a permanent employee after 6 months or less.
  12. These demands must be negotiated with Unia and settled in an agreement between the union and DPD. DPD must adapt all commercial contracts to implement this agreement at all levels of the supply chain. In addition, there is a need to quickly negotiate a new collective labour agreement, to which subcontractors will also be subject.
  13. All trade union rights of employees are respected, repression in the company ceases immediately. Unia is accepted as a union mandated by a representative part of the workforce. Union members have a bulletin board in all workplaces for union information and the possibility to convene staff meetings. The international agreement between GeoPost International and UNI Global Union as well as the Social Charter of the Geopost European Works Council are applied.

We, the drivers of DPD, demand respect.

We demand the opening of negotiations between DPD, us and our union Unia for the respect of our rights and the improvement of our working conditions. The demands below should serve as a basis for the negotiation.

DPD Demands 2021

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